How to Contact Your Manufacturer or Supplier

How to Contact Your Manufacturer or Supplier

After you get your product sample from the manufacturer, and you decide that this is the one you are going with. It’s then time to move to the next step. But first, you need to learn a little bit more about the factory you plan to do your business with.

Questions You May Want To Ask Your Manufacturer:

  1. Where is your factory located?
  2. How many workers do you have working in the factory?
  3. What is your monthly and yearly production volume?
  4. What is your main product/product line?
  5. Who are your customers overseas? Which country or continent?
  6. Who is your target market?
  7. Can you print our brand’s logo on the product?
  8. What is your lead time?
  9. Can you manufacturer the product according to our size and color requirements?
  10. What products are export ready? Any certifications such as CE, FCC, FDA, ISO 9001 etc.

Hi _____,

We wanted to confirm that we received the samples today. Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to be meeting with many of our customers to discuss your products and potential plans to move forward with larger purchases. We will certainly keep you updated on our plans.

We did have a few questions in the meantime:

1) Do you provide OEM service (logo)?

2) Can you manufacture according to specific size and color requirements? (For example if we wanted to purchase 5 different products, each with 5 colors and 3 sizes.)

3) What are the minimum order quantities (MOQ) and lead times for bulk orders?

4) How do you deal with product quality issues? For product 123456, the zippers were very difficult to fasten and ended up breaking in one instance. For most products, we prefer one piece (like 654321) instead of two pieces to make the assembly process as easy as possible for our customers.

Thank you!


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