Forbidden Keywords You Shouldn’t Use In Your Amazon Listing Titles

You shouldn’t include the following keywords in your title because they are against the Amazon Terms of Service. However, some people still do it but you will be walking on thin ice. If Amazon finds out, they may inactivate your listing.

Here are some of the keywords you shouldn’t use in your title (and should be used ONLY as a guideline) :

Free shipping Guaranteed


seen on tv

limited time offer

summer sale

winter sale

spring sale

fall sale

best deal

big sale

huge sale

massive sale

don’t miss out


Hassle free

Best seller

Made in


Professional quality

Lasting quality

Arrive faster

Ships faster

Within hours

Perfect gift

Perfect for

Buy now

Save money

Save cash

Ready to ship

Great for

Great as

Best selling

Special offer

Special promo

Top notch


On sale

Discounted price

Retail box

Save $

% off

Best price

award winning

buy now

money back guarantee

newest version

added value

now together

top quality

gift idea

buy with confidence

shop with confidence

super sale

free gift

over- stock


close- out



mail rebate


worlds best

imported from

makes great

makes the best

make excellent

makes perfect

makes awesome

makes wonderful

makes spectacular

brand new

wholesale price

top selling

top rated

highest rated

unbeatable price

supplies won’t last

plus free


bpa free

FDA Approval

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