Why is Using the Best Images for Your Amazon Product Listings Greatly Pays Off

While well-written product descriptions and good customer reviews are essential in getting your product at the top of search result listings on Amazon, product photography should be the backbone of your overall optimization strategy.


…well because product images are one of the ways shoppers on Amazon get to interact with their desired brands and products.

You see,

By viewing photos from different angles, enlarging the pictures to see finer details, and looking at photographs of models putting the product to use, customers can “feel and touch” the merchandise.

In other words, using the best images for your Amazon listings captures the attention of potential shoppers. It creates interest in them and finally turns shoppers into your newest customers.

Read on to discover more about product images and their advantages to your online business:

What Are the Best Product Images?

Pictures are a vital aspect of online selling, and as a result, the internet is awash with all manner of visual content, so what are the best images?

The best images are high definition and ones that capture the attention of shoppers while eliciting their emotions. An Amazon product image set constitutes two types of photos. These are:

Product Only Images

As the name suggests, these are clean-cut images that display only the product.

These pictures must have an all-white background for good contrast and allow the product image to be the focal point of the entire photograph.

Product only images (also called ‘hero’ images) should highlight the product’s main features, capturing all the details needed to help a customer make an informed buying decision.

For instance, some show the product up close, and some show the product from different angles.

Product Only Images

Lifestyle Images

These types of photos depict the product in context: They answer the question of how and where to use the item.

Both the product-only and lifestyle pictures should work to communicate the following:

  • The benefits of the product/ how the product solves the customers’ problem
  • The key features of the product such as style and quality
  • The product in use, i.e., a model wearing sport shoes while jogging if your product is sports shoes.
  • All physical aspects of the product, such as the dimensions of the product from different angles
Lifestyle Images

Amazon Guidelines on Product Photography

Amazon has specific guidelines on product photographs posted on their listings. Let’s look at some of these guidelines:

  • The main photos must be on a pure white background (RGB 255, 255, 255).
  • The product image should occupy at least 85% of the image frame.
  • A single photo should not show multiple views of the product.
  • The photos should not contain any illustrations, drawings, texts, graphics, and watermarks.
  • The images should not showcase any additional products or any excluded accessories as this may confuse shoppers.

It is important to note that Amazon gives seven or more image slots based on product categories. Consider filling every spot with relevant product pictures, as it will help you close more sales.

Ensure that the right images occupy the first few slots, as they are the first pictures your target audience will see. The other secondary slot images get displayed if a customer scrolls through your product listing images.

The Top Reasons Why Product Photography is Essential

It Represents and Reinforces Your Brand

When you go into a store to purchase a product, you touch it, you see it, you test it, and you experience the brand.

Since your potential customers cannot do all these when shopping online, they can only rely on your product images to “experience your brand,” hence, good product photography represents your brand.

Picture this; you have an established brand respected in the marketplace. However, when customers visit your Amazon product listings, they find low-quality images!

Of course, such images will automatically tarnish your brand reputation. Therefore, excellent product photography will work to reinforce your brand and professional appearance.

It Represents and Reinforces Your Brand

Great Product Photography is What Closes the Deals

Research indicates that a big part of the information transmitted to the human brain is visual. Humans learn, remember, and emotionally respond to visuals. For this reason, pictures will linger on the mind for an extended period when compared to read information.

Therefore, your product photography will capture a potential client’s attention and make them linger on your page longer than your product description.

Besides, statistics indicate that 63% of online consumers love images than product descriptions when making buying decisions.

Given these facts, it is indisputable that great product images are responsible for closing more deals in e-commerce. Here’s how:

  • An impressive first impression – Your stellar images on Amazon are the first interaction a shopper will have with your product, and this happens in a fraction of a second. Therefore, good quality product images will form an impressive first impression on your potential customers.
  • Engage Customers – Once you establish a good impression, shoppers are more likely to linger on your product listings to peruse more images or read your product description, thus keeping your target audience engaged.
  • Confirms a Perception – If you already have an established brand or your potential customers are on your product listings page due to referrals, good product images will verify your customers’ perception of your brand.

Besides, if you are selling a high-end product, but your product images are grainy and low quality, buyers will think that the item is inferior and low-value.

The Bottom Line

The saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” is true when it concerns e-commerce businesses. Unlike in a brick and motor store, customers making purchases online cannot physically examine before buying.

They depend on product descriptions and the products’ pictures to make buying decisions.

High-quality photos work to make an excellent first impression of your business. They capture and retain your target audience. They elicit emotions and provide the information needed to convert a prospect into a buyer.

This is why good product photography should be part and parcel of your branding, marketing, and sales strategies when running an e-commerce business. That way, you’ll be one step close to converting your Amazon leads!

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