How to Enroll in the Amazon Lightening Deal?

The Amazon Lightening Deal is an exclusive program that’s generally invite-only. However, if you meet the following requirements, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to just send an email to Seller Support asking to be enrolled. It happens only twice a year, during Christmas season (November and December) and Prime Day (July). Keep your eyes out!

If you get selected, you will be given a 4 hour period during a specific time slot in which your product will showcased in front of millions of buyers ready to buy. You can sell 5, 10, and even 20 times what you normally sell on a given day.

The minimum requirements for a product to be eligible for promotion as a Lightning Deal are as follows:

  1. Product Details
  • Eligible product types: Toys & Games, Sports & Outdoors, Camera & Photo, Electronics & Computers, Office & School Supplies, Mobile Electronics, Wireless, Musical Instruments, Furniture & Décor, Bedding & Bath, Kitchen & Dining, Home Improvement, Video Games, and Grocery.
  • New condition only.
  • Product does not have an Retail offer.
  • Product has at least 10 customer reviews and an average of at least 3.5 stars.
  • Product has no listing defects, has a high quality product title (maximum of 150 characters), description, and images.
  1. Inventory and Fulfillment
  • Product is fulfilled by Amazon (FBA).
  • In-stock quantity of product is at least 100 units.
  • At least 10 units have been sold by you in the past 30 days.
  1. Minimum deal value (deal price x inventory quantity offered)
  • Video Games, Electronics & Computers, Mobile Electronics, Furniture & Décor, Bedding & Bath, Kitchen & Dining: $15,000
  • Camera & Photo, Home Improvement, Sports & Outdoors, Toys & Games, Office & School Supplies: $10,000
  • Musical Instruments, Wireless, Grocery: $5,000
  1. Other Details
  • Current sale price of product is at least $10.
  • Proposed deal price of product is at least 20% off your current sale price on and is lower than the lowest current offer on for the same product.
  • Please remember that as stated in your seller agreement, your price on Amazon should be at least as favorable to Amazon customers as the price you charge on your other sales channels. Your eligibility to participate in the Marketplace

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